Our Partnerships For Musicians

We want to help you to elevate your career by providing the services you need. 

To do this we partner up with those that can help take you to the next step in your journey. 


Founded by Lea G; a young pop singer-songwriter, producer, content creator, all round music business entrepreneur.

Services include weekly artist mentorship where I can help you with whatever you need help with at this point of your career. 

This could be finding your USP, helping you make your branding on point, putting together a social media strategy to grow your following, helping you with content creation, creating your own website, helping you plan how to release your first song and Introducing you to the right people to work with within the business. 

Lea can also give you lessons on how to be a better songwriter, how to set up a home studio, how to edit music videos and how to produce your own songs on Logic.

Basically everything you need to know to be a successful DIY musician and how to make a living creating music you love.